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Would you like to get the most out of your micro:bit, but don't even know where to start?

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Workshop 4 - First steps with micro:bit


In this workshop we will help you get started in the world of the micro:bit so that you will learn about its basic components are, how to program it and come away with lots of ideas to apply in the classroom.


  • Presentation of the micro:bit board (integrated connectors, sensors and actuators).

  • The makecode editor, with examples of files for students and presentation of the extensions.

  • How to connect the micro:bit to the computer.

  • Examples of simple programs that can be made with the different sensors and actuators that the board incorporates.

  • Resources available from the micro:bit community and the Department of Education.​

  • Practical example: in pairs, construction of a sound traffic light.

  • Final reflection or discussion on how to use the board in classroom activities with students and how to organize the classroom.

Educational level
Primary from 3rd to 6th, ESO

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Ruben Rodríguez

Industrial engineer and secondary school teacher in mathematics and technology. Lover of digital technologies and all the possibilities they offer us in the educational field. I have also once said the phrase "I promise you that I did the same thing and it didn't work for me".


Marc Cargol

Computer engineer and secondary school teacher in mathematics, technology and informatics. Trainer in the digital field. If I don't find a technology that meets my needs, I develop it myself and share it.

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