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Enter the world of Artificial Vision!

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Workshop 1 - Journey with Artificial Vision: Discovering the Possibilities of Cutebot and AI Lens


Introducing the Cutebot and the AI Lens on an exciting journey where we will create an intelligent vehicle.


  • Discover the possibilities of the micro:bit with the programmable robot Cutebot, which allows you to perform a large number of activities such as following a black line, moving forward avoiding obstacles, automatically turning on the lights depending on the ambient light, wireless control, etc.

  • Discover the possibilities of the micro:bit with the Al Lens Artificial Intelligence camera, capable of achieving facial recognition, ball tracking, card recognition and feature acquisition functions.

  • Learn to create a smart vehicle with the aforementioned accessories.

Educational level

6th grade of Primary and High School


Anna Sanchis

Mechatronics engineer and CTO of Make and Learn, she combines her passion for LEGO, programming and technology to inspire young minds in the world of robotics and education.


Guillem J. Gil

Innate maker, passionate about customization through 3D printing. Eager to learn and improve programs, she experiments and seeks innovative solutions as a robotics teacher.

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