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Technology as an engine of change for equity

In a constantly changing world, propelled by technological changes, equity has become a central and urgent issue in today's society. The division caused by technological progress, access to education and equal opportunities are challenges that demand innovative solutions and deep reflection. To discuss these important matters, we have gathered four specialists and enthusiasts in the field of technology and equity: Elsa Jiménez, Jaume Sanchez, Juanjo Montiel and Glòria Tomàs. Each of them, brings a unique and valuable perspective on how technology can play a crucial role in promoting equity in different aspects of modern life.

Moderated by:

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Carmen Ramírez

Human rights activist and researcher


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Elsa Gimenez

Member of the STEM Women Congress, a congress that promotes and highlights the presence of women in STEM.

Jaume Sanchez

Founder and Co-Founder 3dthinks, founder TOM bcn and Ingolstadt.

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Juanjo Montiel

Computer programmer and Microsoft team leader in Ireland.

Gloria Thomas

Teacher at the Rocafonda School in Mataró, a highly complex maker school.

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